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sidebarlogoevent control ireland At a time when heightened security is becoming a fact of life, Event Control Ireland offer you security and event management solutions that are based upon  more than 20 years experience in providing corporate event security, event management and close protection services in Africa Europe and the middle east. event control Irelands experienced security and garda vetted staff  ensures the best possible protection for you, your employees, physical assets and business processes.  at event control ireland our business is your safety. With our Corporate event Security and event management solutions we can offer you an extensive range of event security/event management solutions to help protect your premises , staff and assets against crime. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff at event control ireland advise you on your event security and event management requirements. Our commitment to quality and high standards mean that when you place yourselves in our hands, you are guaranteed a professional, cost effective solution that is supported by the most important factor of all, reliability. Event control ireland is

Complete Event Management Solutions

Whether you need a venue for a sales conference, an event management service for a product launch, quad bikes and laser-clays for a team-building day, corporate hospitality at a high profile event or a staff incentive to London, you can relax in the knowledge that event control ireland will have the answer. We provide a full range of services, so you can choose exactly the ones you need. This includes our TOTALLY-FREE VENUE-FINDING SERVICE, which is a completely cost-free, professional way of ensuring you find the ideal venue for your events every time.
No Request Too Big or Too Small
If you want a venue for a sales meeting for 10, an after-dinner speaker for a product launch for 100 or some entertainment for a Christmas party for 1000, we would be delighted to help, as no job is too big or too small.
Through our many contacts within the events industry, we will always have the answer to any query and the solution to any problem.

Our Services include

Close protection

Venue & event security

Event management

Security Audits

For more information mail us at info@eventcontrol.ie