Discover real ireland

Discover real ireland

Discover real ireland

Discover real ireland. Tours will take you on a real adventure throughout Ireland. Experience our real heritage history and landmarks, catering to a range of travellers’ budgets. We have developed three tour styles to suit the different needs and budgets of our travellers.
Our Budget Adventure Tours are ideal if you’re
backpacking in Ireland, as we’re staying in unique hostels to keep the costs low. The Cultural Activity Holidays option is perfect for those who want to experience Ireland, but with a bit more comfort, staying in selected traditional hotels. Alternatively, our Luxury Adventure Tours give you the option to stay in some of the finest castles hotels and manor house hotels in Ireland.

With a range of different tour lengths, you can choose to join us on tour for any length of time, from just one night to “the” full14-day Ireland Explorer… Discover Real Ireland Tours from the hills of Kerry to the streets of Derry we will take you there for adventure heritage facts and fun learn about our real Irish heroes and see the landmarks we solute Discover real Ireland Tour’s philosophy is to get you out there to experience the ‘Real Ireland so we spend more time away from the crowds, and more time with the locals. From exploring mind-blowing landscapes on stunning walks to experiencing the culture and traditions first-hand in small pubs and colourful villages, each day on tour is sure to provide an unforgettable, authentic insight into our culture heritage and heroes.

Discover real ireland

Discover real ireland Activities & Culture Combined

Cultural Tours of Ireland with a difference! All our activity holidays and adventure tours feature an imaginative mixture of activities, including amazing walks, cultural encounters and historical visits, meaning that not only is there always plenty to see and do, but there’s also a range of choices to suit your mood and your interests every day – without any pressure to participate

We also offer some optional activities on tour, so you can enjoy your holiday your way. Whether it’s surfing on the wild northern coast, starlight kayaking in the heart of West Cork, or cantering along a golden beach in Donegal, these activities will provide you with unforgettable memories of your visit to Ireland.

Discover real ireland tours Small Group Tours!

Because our small group tours are never larger than 24 people, we can offer unique opportunities to engage with Irish culture in ways that large tours simply cannot facilitate. Whether it’s sitting in a small rural pub, soaking up the traditional music, or visiting idyllic natural settings in undisturbed peace and quiet, you’ll be in the company of like-minded travellers, creating unique, treasured memories, as sharing experiences is all part of the fun on our tours.

Regardless of the tour style you choose, we get off the beaten track and stay in some of the most stunning and untouched parts of the country in traditional Irish accommodation.

Discover real ireland tours Committed to excellence

At Discover real Ireland Tours, we believe in going that extra mile to ensure your tour is extra special, and because we only operate small group tours, you get that personal experience not possible in large groups.

Also believing that it’s the small things that transform an average trip into an amazing one, we have lots of added extras, such as water tanks to refill your water bottle, saving money and the environment, and we carry a fruit basket and a cookie jar on the tour bus, so you can refuel along the way!

Discover real ireland tours Authentic Character Accommodation

Regardless of your chosen tour style, we take you off the beaten track to stay in the small towns and villages where the big coaches can’t go, giving us an opportunity to meet the locals and witness true Irish life unfolding. We try to choose places to stay which impart a sense of the local character of each region we visit, opting for locally run places wherever possible, which boast the warm welcome the Irish are so famous for!

Discover real ireland tours Incredible Tour Leaders!

Explore leaders are incredible! With boundless energy, enthusiasm and a passion for their native land, our leaders seamlessly take care of everything on tour, from organising fantastic picnics to telling you stories of ancient ‘legendary giants’ and historic tales of the many invaders that besieged our land. It’s our Explore leaders that will make your trip an unforgettable one!

Discover real ireland. Tours that fit your budget!

We offer a range of tours to fit your budget and preferred holiday style, from ‘Budget Adventures’ to ‘Activity Holidays’ and ‘Luxury Adventure Tours’. Our tours are tremendous value for money, as all our tours include just as much as possible without impinging on your choice! We include all walking activities, and equipment, accommodation, entrance fees into all the amazing places we visit, breakfast each day, scrumptious picnics and packed lunches.

Discover real ireland Eco Tours – Keeping It Green

Being environmentally conscious and socially sensitive to our impact is important to us at Explore. Our way of travel allows us to experience the authentic Ireland and its people while having a positive impact on the communities we visit. Discover real ireland follows the principles of the Leave No Trace campaign, ensuring we reduce our impact on the environment and communities we visit for more information contact