Close protection

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mans headEvent Control Ireland prides itself on providing bespoke security solutions that are designed to allow businesses and individuals to move safely and conduct a full range of activities regardless of the environment they are operating in.

event control ireland close protection service is founded on our philosophy that security should be as unobtrusive as possible, and that control measures must be commensurate with risk. This approach allows for a measured response to our clients’ concerns allowing them to successfully conduct their business in a safe and efficient manner.


Our experienced personnel will provide a level of support wholly based on relevant intelligence and ground studies, in depth threat assessment, advance planning and perhaps most importantly by listening to the needs, work practices and wishes of our clients.

The close protection teams deployed by event control ireland are comprised of highly experienced and professional operatives with on the ground experience

All  of our team members have been trained to the highest level in a wide range of skills, from front line medical care and defensive driving to protocol and client liaison. “Quality close protection is about balancing the client’s security against their lifestyle and business need.

Protective and Counter Surveillance

Most hostile acts, from low level crime to highly organized kidnap and ransom plots will be preceded by some form of surveillance activity. Use of effective counter surveillance is the best and sometimes the only way to detect and prevent these acts whilst they are still in the planning stages.

Using an in depth knowledge of surveillance techniques developed at the highest levels in military and government specialist units, event control ireland Counter Surveillance teams can work independently or in conjunction with a close protection team to provide detailed intelligence on suspected criminal or enemy threats.

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